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Dust Cover question


Well it is 4:55 AM and I started on the Billet-T at 8AM yesterday, I think I will take a break for a few minutes and ask a couple of questions. I ordered the smaller chrome dust covers and they were too small. Then I ordered the 2. 18, I believe and they were for new GM and are too large. I measured them finally and got a 1.97 " ID. Can anyone tell me which one I need to order.

I plan to take it for a drive around my circle drive by Thursday. Friday is the local 4th of July celebration and a lot of the locals will have their rods out, unless it is 113 like it was yesterday and I wanna play with them. I will send more updated photos tomorrow nite or Wed. It is looking fantastic. Of course I am a little prejudice.

My last question is, "Do T-Bucket bodies shrink while you are working on building a rod. I swear mine has, because I have to replace my steering wheel so I can fit. I need at least a five inch recessed and smaller diameter as well.
When you first get them they feel roomy then you figure out the comfortable sitting position. Another could be more beer consumed during build resulting in less waist room. LOL ENJOY that first ride.
Thanks for the sympathy Putz! I am down to mounting and wiring in the horns. dust covers, fix the differential cover leak, dust covers, and remounting the gas pedal, which I had to take out when we dropped in the interior. last nite. The firewall cross board hit it about half=way, so I need to cut a small space in it to remount it. Also, I am having a pair of billet headlight mounts made , which should be here next week. Last I will pull the battery and fuel tank and lay the carpet, and build a tranny tunnel and bed cover. Once I take it for a drive, I am sure something will fall off, so I am leaving that option open, as well.
Putz .. can you post a pic of your quick release steering wheel for cowboy. This could be the answer to some of your steering wheel woes.

Here you go Youngster I am not very photgenic as you can tell.

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