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Educate me on Ford spindles


OK, I have tried to find info on Ford spindles, 28-48, to find pros and cons of different years. Everything I see says 37-48 is the way to go. I was looking for 37-40, but my friend said 42-48 give more brake options. Looking at ebay, the 37-48's bring the most money, then 28-31, then 35-36, then 32-34's. Going by price, the 37-48 must be the best way to go, but I have seen 35-36 and 32-34 going for cheap prices. So, would someone give me a quick lesson on them. I am collecting parts and came close to bidding on a 37-40 axle and spindles, but was not sure.
Thanks in advance.
Ron A.
your friend is close. the '37 to '40 spindles are the same as the '41 to '48 spindles except for the backing plate flange. '37 and up....round flange, '41 and up....square flange. these two types of spindles have several brake options. that's why they are more money. the '28 thru '36 spindles are cheaper cause only the restorers use them for the stock brake set ups. DON"T let anyone talk you into those. buy the time you get brakes on them, you will have most likely more money in them than if you had gone with the later spindles in the first place.

You have just heard the truth and nothing but the truth . Youngster is the man.
Youngster, thanks. My friend said the 41-48 with the square back had the most brake choices. Guess I need to look for them. Almost forgot, thanks Rooster.
i'm sorry..i guess i left out the 37 to 48 spindles are vertually the same except for the shape of the flange. there for any brake that will fit on one will fit on the other. one other thing ... when buying the king pin set, buy the one that goes with your year of spindle.


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