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Engine swap


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OK Gentlemen, Her is what I want to do. I have a 347 stroker that used to live in an 89 Mustang GT. It was married to a beefy, some would say "chunky", Tremec T-5. There love affair was one for the story books. It was fantastic to drive this beast. Alas I had to let the car go, but I kept the 347. I want to slip it into my 23T this winter. I need to get an atomatic transmission for it and I see there are endless options. What size stall should I go with, I'm looking at the TCI streetfighter setup but I think the 2400 stall is a little small. As well will I need to change my Dampner? I think I have a a 50 Oz dampner. I Still haven't bought the flex plate yet. I need some opinions on what's the best. Bring 'em on!
RPM said:
I would think a 3500 would be good. Check out these guys here in Texas. My converter came from them and I know Blown T has one from them also. I recommend them.

FORD AOD LOCK-UP 9.5" 3500 STALL TORQUE CONVERTER:eBay Motors (item 390024183081 end time Aug-12-09 14:25:17 PDT)

Ron gave ya some good advice.....also think about this. TCI makes great stuff......just can get a 2500 stall speed, but your 'Flash Stall' is gonna be higher. A 3500 will flash out at about 4200..........and if you get it a hookin' up like Ted, Ron, or BlownT......I bet you'll be lookin' for a restroom if you ain't used to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Also remember.....your engines torque will dictate the characteristics of your stall converter.............

A dampener for your crank?????A TCI Rattler is good.....have run alot of them..........fluiddampner is good also.....just scares me....the stuff could leak out!!!!!!!!:sob:
I have mixed emotions about TCI. My Son bought a Streetfighter and 2800 stall converter from Summit and after a few hundred miles the tranny wouldn't move in gear. At this point it was about 6 months old, but had only been on the street a few months. Called TCI, they were zero help. Said to ship it back at our expense and they would take a look at it............after much arguing. At first they were not going to do anything.

We pulled it out and when we drained the fluid chunks of metal came out. Sent it back to TCI. They found that the front pump had gone out and the converter had disintegrated. They replaced both, but we had to pay the shipping back to us. The freight up was $ 120 and $ 120 back. I called Summit and they kicked in $ 75 in gift certificates to help defray some of the shipping costs.

I will never buy another TCI product. We have bought 4 transmissions from Jackson Racing Transmissions and they have been flawless. Not only was the freight a sore spot but pulling the engine and transmission out of his T was not fun either.

I am also not a fan of TCI. My Streetfighter TH350 started making an odd noise with less than 500 miles on it. I called TCI thinking I could get warranty service, as the tranny had been on the road less than 90 days. I was informed that the warranty ran from date of purchase, not date of use. I had owned the tranny for six months at that point. They said I could ship it to them at my expense and they would take a look at it. Any repairs they decided to do would be at my expense. So I was looking at round-trip shipping of around $250 plus another several hundred dollars or more in repairs. I decided to just keep driving it 'til it quit, then get a better tranny.

The noise got slowly louder over the next thousand miles, but the tranny continued to function normally. However, it was starting to make metal and it got to the point that I didn't trust the tranny anymore, so I took it to a local tranny guy who builds race transmissions and has an excellent reputation. He completely rebuilt it for $350, using race-quality parts.

The noise was caused by a failing sprag race that had kind of a washboard surface (is that called "brinnelling"?). The tranny guy called TCI (he is a "jobber" for them) and told them they had furnished a bad part. They basically said, "tough sh*t" according to the tranny guy. He told me he had heard that TCI got a bad batch of these races (they are supposedly "hardened") but they won't acknowledge it or replace them.

I will never buy another TCI product.
I had the same bad experience with TCI. Definitely avoid them and GER if they are still in business. TCI sells junk and has no customer service. GER must work out of a sandbox. They shipped me a trans with a cracked bell housing and the trans was locked up. I put the drive shaft on it prior to installing to make sure it fit. Owner happened to anwer the phone, when I called for help, attacked me and told me I had trashed the trans. I told him it had not been installed due to waiting on them to ship the torque converter, pause, what torque converter. They advertise the trans as dyno tested. I finally got a tech, who confessed they did not dyno the trans and the spline on the clutch pack must not have lined up and told me how to dissassemble the trans and fix it. Both transmissions are taking up space in my garage.
I also found the people who work at TCI to be, how do I put this................not very sophisticated. It was like I was dealing with some backwoods garage. I tried to explain to the guy that sometimes you buy these things and the car doesn't get finished for a while, but he kept saying it was 6 months old and that was that.

Once they fessed up that their front pump went out and ate the transmission up I expected them to pay the shipping back to us............but nooooooooooooooo! Even though they had screwed up they shipped it COD for the freight. Summit stepped in and gave us the gift certificates even though they didn't have to, so I have no hard feelings toward them. I thought with the volume they do with TCI they would have some leverage, but they told me TCI has a firm policy and that is all they could do.

So TCI will get no more of our money or our recommendations. What these people forget is that if you please a customer they will tell another person.............if you screw that customer he will tell 5.

Hey guys....thanks for the 'Heads Up' on TCI.......I used to have that problem with B&M in the 80's....then I went to TCI.....Been happy so far....noticed things aren't as 'perfect' as they used to be........I don't work on the trans....I can....I dislike the smell.....I pay for someone to do it for me.......we've had a few HiDollar Valvebodies go stupid on us...........hummmmmm..........

(I'm strickly Engines and blowers, and the stuff that makes them work)......the big 2 speed Lencos I did do myself, I'm teaching someone to do it now........and the rears, I oversee that part someone............
Wow thanks for the scoop on TCI. I was repeat WAS looking at their tranny and converter. I guess I'll look elsewhere.
I have to agree, stay away from TCI, don't want to get me started on them, most wouldn't appreciate the language I would have to use to convey my sentiments. ATI is hands down the best company that I have ever dealt with, customer service second to none, may be higher than a lot of other manufacturers, but having no multiple swaps, trashed transmissions, and a product that works exactly like they say it will is worth a lot to me personally, and will rebuild the product for the life of the component at a resonable cost, and upgrade it if you change you power level down the road. Recently had one of there dampers rebuilt and did it in a two day turn around, and even offered to exchange it for the very latest design, it is several years old, for a very reasonable cost instead of rebuilding mine if I wanted, trade in was more than I could have sold it for, Great folks, I would highly recommend them, Eddie :D

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