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EOD Transmission


New Member
Anybody know anything about EOD transmissions? EOD transmissions have an electronic button on the dash for the overdrive. Push the button once for overdrive, push it again to remain in 3rd gear. What is involved in wiring up one so the overdrive works? When I do a seach for a write-up on it, all I'm finding is a bunch of garbage leads that vaguely mention a EOD.
I am thinking the shift points are also controlled by the computer. Same trans as an AOD otherwise. Might be able to substitute an AOD valve body, if price was not too bad.
I think the switch just goes to a power source.. Most transmissions with an od that is on a switch are a switched power source... Seem like when I was looking at putting a mpi 318 in a dart it had the a518 tranny that had the same type elctronic overdrive, it was just a power switch.. I was told a toggle switch would do the same thing...
Looking a in catalog the 2, AODs are AOD and AODE. I think there is a E4OD, which is probably computer controlled.
IT is control by the pcm, it has a sol. pack that controls the shifts, line pressure, and convertor lock up the AOD is a better choice.

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