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Options for Headlights & Parking Lights / Turn Signals

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Hey gang,

As most know I've been buying up all manner of wire and electrical bits so that when I start to wire the T, I have everything I could imagine right at my fingertips so I can weigh various layout and cabling options as I go and try to pick the best ones.

Also, I've been trying to make sure I have all the "extras & upgrades" on hand so that I can wire everything just the way I want it from the get-go, and not have to go back later and try to add wiring for upgrades or "after thoughts".

Going thru all the bits that came with my kit, I see that the headlight buckets are really basic, with ordinary 6014 bulbs, not even halogen, and there's no parking or turn signals included.

The tail / rear turn signals are equally as basic. . . . though upgrading there wouldn't add anything new to the wiring.
I haven't even thought yet about a tag light or third/anti-collision brake light, but having the wiring in place in advance, is easy enough.

Anyway . . . .
I'm going to need parking lights and turn signals in front, and finding something with a dual filament with an amber lens went nowhere, so what seemed like a good work-around was these basic single filament lights from Speedway for the turn signals, and going to these H4 headlights with amber single filament bulbs in the lower portion as a good headlight upgrade and to use as parking lights, since they'll fit right into my buckets that came with the kit..

I usually ask questions here before hitting the "checkout" button, but didn't this time. I usually view Speedway as being decent stuff, at least as far as getting what you pay for.

Should I be OK, or did I make an overly impulsive checkout decision . . . .

Thanks in advance for the feedback.
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I've never tried the H4 units you speak of, but have used the single and also the dual parking lights on motorcycles. They seemed to work fine on the bikes, so should be fine for cars. I just remembered, I have them behind the grilles of my 41/46 coupe for park/turn, and they are visible thru the grilles.
I personally like the large headlights. On my last build a ‘32 Ford 5 window I used ‘34 Ford commercial light with halogen upgrade. It is not a sealed beam light so I drilled a hole in the reflector and added a standard 1157 socket and a yellow bulb and it worked great. I have a flat lense t model light I think I’m going to use on my long car.
I like the larger headlights as well . . . . they just seem to fit in with the overall aesthetics of the era.

I went thru countless YouTube videos of T bucket rallies and car shows trying to figure out what others have done for front lighting, (turn/parking) and seems like most don't seem to have much of anything, and others have what looks like that same amber lens light from Speedway that I just ordered.

I suppose that different states have greatly varying requirements for antique/vintage/classic car inspection requirements.

I'm sure I'm not going to get any slack here, and my lighting, as well as most other things, will have to conform to "modern standards expectations", meaning I'll also probably have to have white reverse lights and a third/anti-collision brake light..

I'm working with the assumption that having as many things as possible meeting modern expectations, the more likely I'll be to get some "discretion" on things that can't.
I'm working with the assumption that having as many things as possible meeting modern expectations, the more likely I'll be to get some "discretion" on things that can't.

Might be a good time to make friends with whoever is in charge of the licensing process. Here in Missouri it's the Highway Patrol, and some of them are real car guys. When I took mine to the inspection station, and pulled into the bay I shut it off right away. The inspector guy said, "Why'd you shut if off? I like the sound!" (Big smile from me!!!)

MO VIN plate.jpg
look on amazon for harley led turn signals. I have a really small set of led bullet lights (can't see them in the pic} that work and show well
Yeah they're crazy expensive.

I really like the bullet shape of the headlight buckets.
I have the ones you posted in the first post with the turn signals built in. They seem to work fine so far but I haven’t put many miles on them and I don’t believe they offer a parking light option. High, low and turn.

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