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Exhibit from Museum of Idaho


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I just saw these today, I think you'll enjoy them.

Don't worry, the rust will polish out....;)


This one is missing just a few parts......


And finally, heres a speedster,


I was in a daze for a while before I moved to the next picture... I had a buddy just sell an original t body for 10G's... it wasnt much to look at but it is an original... I cant believe he traded it for a newer model formula 1 and some cash only to buy a 57 chevy that going to take him months to build and it isnt even what he wanted.(still dont know what he is thinking)
Thought you guys might like them!

The Museum is small, but it had a pretty good selection of cars. I definitly enjoyed it.
Yatts !!! their web site said it's closed, I wanted to go there tomorrow. We have to take the grandson to I F for DR appt tomorrow and thought we could check it out. the egyptain exibit was there all summer.
Yeah, I went on the last day of the exhibit. I overheard them saything that all the cars were to be driven out the next day.....unfortunitly I had to work, that would have been fun to see!

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