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Exjunks T!


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Okay, as most if you know, EXJUNK is RecycledT on the NTBA website. He sent me pics of his T Bucket so that I could post them. Somehow, I lost one!:eek: Don't ask me how. In fact, don't ask me how I saved the ones I did!:lol: I had to play around with them to get them to load in my Photo Bucket account. So....... HERE THEY ARE!:D








Ain't she neat! Exjunk, if you want to, send me the one I lost and I'll post it. Guys, I am still trying to figure out a Pics Tutorial for the screwed up way I do it.:eek: Gee, I hate computer!:mad:
That's an awesome T! I'm sure it will not go un-noticed here. I'm in awe of you talent.

I looked at the pics of the interior and the first thing I thought of was how great it must be to be able to stretch out in that car!

Memo to self: stretched body or '27 T or both, for next project.:lol:
Seems to me I read some where about an A speedster someone was going to build for his next project. Hummm....wonder who that might have been?

Youngster said:
Seems to me I read some where about an A speedster someone was going to build for his next project. Hummm....wonder who that might have been?

:lol:It was probably me! I have a ton of thoughts and wants for my NEXT project! Now that my feet are moist... my imagination runs wild!:lol: I wonder how a stretched Speedster would look?!
Fred thanks for posting pics. Ex-Junk sweet ride you got there.
Thank you Fred.

There is, however, a small mistake that was made. I am KOALA T on the NTBA boards not RecycledT. It was an easy mistake to make seeing as how Alan, aka RecycledT, was kind enough to send you the pictures for posting.

I do hope that you are successful in posting a tutorial on how to post pictures on this board for dummies like me. I can build a car but this computer stuff is really hard for me to grasp. I guess it is true what they say about "teaching an old dog new tricks." But thanks to guys like you Fred and Al Thomas, aka LumenAl who has offered to post some of my pictures on the pan hard bar thread, that are going to make this site REALLY great. (As if it is not great already.)

I would also like to thank all that have complimented the car. Like i had mentioned in the Polls section, that car is completely home made. Even the body was designed by my older son Chuck and the molds and construction of the body was done by my younger son Rob. The chassis, which is a little out of the norm, was designed and built in the home garage.

As you can see, Don and I have much in common. (Although I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting him in person.) We are both northern transplants here in Florida with some very talented sons that we are very proud of. With young talent like that coming up, this thing we call street rodding is sure to live on.

I'll get off my soap box now.
Sorry for the mistake, Koala. I was so busy trying to get the pics up, I didn't even notice the text in the email!:lol:

You and your sons should be real proud. that is an outstanding job and a credit to the homebuilt way of doing a hot rod. Stay on that soap box as long as you want ,I'm taking notes! :D There's a lot of shops not putting out that caliber of work.
heheh I was wondering how come it looked sooooo tropical up in RTs backyard..Nice T exjunk, Love the dash and interior, overall it appears to be really nice!! good work!
lmao yup my yard has 6' drifts of global warming piled up everywhere , and my car is a heap of parts , koala s car is very nice good to se it in pictures thanks tfeverfred

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