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Extended Body on Ebay


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eBay Motors: Replica/Kit Makes (item 260319843445 end time Nov-28-08 19:31:13 PST)
Probably good workmanship but I don't like it. With the way it's molded with the wheel wells fixed you have to build it their way. Doesn't look like there is a possibility of channeling it. Is $2500 a reasonable price? I would have to see more info about the body reinforcement like pictures of the building process. For that price I would expect Carbon/Kevlar.
I'm like Steve, doesn't do anything for me personally, but I am 5' 9" and 175, so I fit in small cars. I see lots of guys posting that they are 6'2" and 250 and want a rod, so maybe this would give them the room they need.

I also think $ 2500 is way too much.





The body sits on top of the frame, 60 kick in the rear (like my sprit frame) instead of the CCR style 45 kick.
I do like the body style and the fact it's steel reinforced but if it was $500.00 cheaper i'd buy one
I like the concept. I just don't like it being a 'hi-boy'. Imagine channeling it three inches with full fenders and running boards and a folding top. Could be interesting.
It caught my interest, but it looks like all they did was extend the body over where a gas tank would go. Looks like the kickup is in the same place as a standard chassis= no real gain in foot or leg room. Of course I have not seen it in person, maybe the room is there. Anyone 6'3" sat in one?

As far as the price, consider that it has a door with latches and wood installed for the upholstery. That would save a lot of time in a build and makes the price high, but perhaps worth it.
If you look at the pic with a seat it lloks like you would have about 18 inches behind the seat. Which I think looks a little strange.
putz said:
If you look at the pic with a seat it lloks like you would have about 18 inches behind the seat. Which I think looks a little strange.

Doesn't that make it a "TUB", instead of a bucket!? So, you put in a gas tank and cover it and you have gained? Something different and Individual. That's what T Buckets are all about.:lol:

Somebody photoshop a top on it. That may change some of the negative views.;) I bet it's a great body and very well done. Just not for me.
My comments on the "other" board about this body...

NTBA Message Board - Public BBS - "i'm think'n that $2500 is a little pricey"

It is my understanding that Ernie (owner of Mtn Home Hot Rods) is a former employee of Spirit and did the molds for Spirit's bodies. He has gone out on his own and is not affiliated with Spirit in any way, although his new body is designed to drop onto a Spirit 23T chassis.

I bet you could get one of these bodies for $2200, maybe even $2000.
To me it looks way out of proportion and I don't care for it. It's not a tub (I like tubs) and not a bucket (I love buckets) maybe a tubket.
It isn't a clone of a plain jane 1923 bucket that is being sold by brazillions of others, it's one of a kind. I think it's a great idea to offer something different.

I can't afford it and it's not what I'm looking for right now (actually looking for a four door tub) but it IS extremely well made and probably worth what he's asking.
Here is on similar to this body with a top. This is what I wanted to build when I first started but could not find a body that would work. I have keep this one in mind for the next build, it would have to be channeled.

Vroomkrazy, That is a good picture, it makes me have bad ideas. Looks like your car will be the only one driving this year.
OldRedT, It will not be runing if we redo your car again. You should build a second one that way yours will still be running.
And I need to get up there more often.

Find me a good job and I'll just move.

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