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Some of you have probably noticed that I have added you to my facebook friends. I laughed this morning because every time I add another person I get about 5 more friend suggestions for other t-bucket owners. My whole entire friend suggestions is a page full of t-buckets. :winkn:
I've really pulled back my participation on Facebook of late. I've cranked down my permissions settings, as well. When the Facebook Privacy Policy is 25% larger than the Constitution of the United States, I figure I need to be doing a better job of watching my own backside.

For those with concerns, I recommend Reclaim Privacy to check your settings.

I had already begun the 14-day process to delete my Facebook account (which is quite different from account de-activation, so be aware), when I realized I was going to need an account to insert all the forum integration applications I had prepared. Whilst I still have an account, I am rarely ever there any more. So please don't feel offended and think I am ignoring you or anyone else over there.

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