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Anyone else on Facebook?
Yup, me too :rofl:

Yup, me to.
well, well, lots of peoples.
we could kinda start a "group" to message and stuff...
my name on there is: jim bagaas
check in if you want...
Who's Steve R. ?
never mind....if I would just open my eyes and see who's posting...
Not me. It's just a fad, like cell phones and home computers. :wacky:
I have an account, only because a couple of former students wanted to show me what they are currently up to.
Personally I have enough to keep me busy and have seen FAR too many personal things put on public sites.
This is public enough.

I haven't logged in to FB for weeks and have never posted a single thing.
I guess I'm getting old.
I have one but I don't see the attraction...........Maybe it is because I am too old .......
If your looking for a place to chat, the NTBA has a free chat room. There are several menbers here that use it.


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