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Figured It Out


New Member
AH - HA ----- Think I just figured out HOW to Post a New Thread.

A little 'bit ago (hour or two) I posted a reply under the 4 Banger Thread as I found the POST REPLY button but was lost on Posting a New Thread.

Believe I got it now. I guess all I needed was some perserverance.

For a Short Introduction.................

I purchased a Turn-Key Bucket just before Thanksgiving last year. Got it in Waco, TX and had it shipped to Green Valley, AZ, where I live. I'm currently working (Contracting) over here in Albuquerque, NM and get home 'bout every 6 to 8 weeks for 3 or 4 days so, don't get a chance to play with Bucket much ---- YET. I puchased it as a Retirement Toy but, ain't quite retired yet --- probably another year or two.

Was home last week for 5 days and set valve lash and installed new Spark Plugs and it 'shore is running good now. Put about 120 miles on it while I's there. The "build" had about 60 miles on it when I got it. 350 SBC, .060 Over, Double-Hump 2.02 Heads, Flat-Top pistons, Dual Holleys on a Tunnel Ram. The Mickey Thompson Bias Ply Tires that were on it were a 'bit worn so, got a New pair of 31X16.50X15 Hoosier Pro-Street Radials put on at Christmas time. Sure like 'em better than the MT's.

I work nights here in NM, 6 Days a Week from 1600 to 0400 which means I'm at work 'rat now. So, better play like I's doing some work.

Thought I'd just drop a little introduction. Lot's of interesting reading here.

'Til next time.........................

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Welcome to the site. Now that you have learned how to post, I had that problem too, ya gotta figure out the picture thing, 'cause we love pictures here.


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