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Finally some pictures of the build


I got some pictures of the build so far. Check them out and let me know what you guys think they are in my photo album on my profile.
Maybe it is just me, but when I click on your photo album it says that there are no pictures.
When I first clicked on the album I didn't see anything either but then
I noticed a photo in the right margin, clicked on it and was able to bring them all up.
When you do it all, most people don't build the body too! Great looking car, interesting set up. Is there a lot of space between the engine and firewall?
What the heck am I doing wrong... I'm looking at Young's gallery and screen says 0 images

Me too! Can someone post his pics?

yes there is a good amount of room between the firewall and engine and then the engine and the front end. I did this because i wanted more room for mounting various componets. I want to make it easy to work on with nothing in my way of anything else.
thanks for the compliment v8danh. I ended up putting more time into that front end then anything else so far
Thanks YOUNGN, I built that car in 1970 while I was crew for Pete Robinson on his Ford SOHC top fuel car. I had to have one for the street. I like um long and low myself.
Youngn said:
hey thanks for putting up the link i still cant figure the whole picture thing yet

You're welcome. We are here to help.
Nice looking work there Youngn
Thanks for the responses i decided to tear the whole thing apart again and paint each componet and i am about to start assembling everything. Almost everything will be black except for the rear, front axle, and engine will be red. Trying to to go with a traditional paint scheme.

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