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Finily getting around for a intro


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My name is Joe I live in Virginia Beach Va. I have been a Commercial Diver for the past Eighteen years. My spair time is spread out trying to keep my wife happy and sneaking in some bucket time. Other hobbies include flying RC air planes. While most of you are building your bucket the way you want them I am re-doing mine the way I want it. I think this is a great sorce of info and a great bunch of guys.Keep up the good work.
'bout time Joe....Welcome. What are you changing on your bucket?
I have gone from one end to the other cleaning up the front end to installing the jag rear a few years back and 3 duces to a ground pounding 12 pounds of forced air induction.
I might have to go back to the 12 bolt that I took out I have blown 1 jag rear already. Paint my be next to come and then the interiar. One step at a time so not to miss the up comeing cruze seasion
Welcome, Joe! I hope things work out for that rearend choice. Jag rears look great when viewed under a T Bucket.
Welcome Joe, you know that Jag rear is a Dana 44 center section. I think you can get beef parts from the off-road guys.

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