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First time


Well never thought I would put cup holders in my car, but my wife made such a fuss at the car show this week end I thought I would give it a try. I still need to polish them but I think they will work and be out of the way.



Well, you at least made them look nice in there. Good work and mommas happy. Can't complain about that.
Nope, Loraina Bobitt taught all of us guys a little lesson, didn't she? :eek::D Gotta keep Mama happy.

Nice looking cup holder, and really nice to have on a trip. I don't have one in my daily driver and I miss it. Have to prop up a drink on the seat next to me and sometimes it falls over on turns.

Nice job.

That is sweet man!
I saw one with piston rods for holders once ,theys cool!
I got to agree with the ol laddy on that ,mans gotta have a pop holder when i drive.
Check out that switch panel in the seat riser. Man, I sure hope I get a chance to see this T in person someday.


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