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for LRS30


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heres a pic of the steering stuff.
reversed corvair box mounted on a home made get the shafts
where you want the mount has to tilt down in front and up on the left
side. 15 degrees down in front....10 degrees up on the left.
from there I made a extension shaft to the outside of the body from
a old tierod tube.(same thread as a heim 5/8"x19 thread) them made the
pitman arm and steering arm from 1/2" 6061 aluminum.
sorry the pic is small
brake pedal mount....
took some 6061 1/4" aluminum and made the base pedal then 2 pieces
of aluminum to match with holes, screwed them togeather then made a pedal
and mounted it on the tip.

each pedal will be different if you make your own,the lenght will depend
on the brake pushrod lenght to get a 6 or 7 to 1 ratio.

Great workmanship seams to be the norm now MAKE IT YOUR SELF!!!Good job keep posting your pics.
Track-T, great fab skills. Nice work.
Track-T... How did you attach the shaft extension to the 'vair box? Did you use a pillow block on the extension shaft out by the pitman arm?
the corvair box uses the same thread as a 5/8" heim,So I cut
an old tie rod and screwed it on. I'll use a jamb nut and 1/4"
rollpin when I'm done.
on the out side I made a steel disc and drilled and tapped 10 1/4x20
OK..I see what you did Is there something to support the extended shaft out toward the pitman arm?
I'll use a bronze bushing after I get the body work done.
Ok...I got it all now. Nice set up. I'm running a cowl set up on my '27, but it's kinda bulky. I'm looking for something more compact. Thanks for posting yours.

Kinda bad pic,But heres the assmbled parts out of the car.
Hope it shows how it fits.
another view...

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