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Ford Axle Specs.


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Here is a chart for Ford axels from 1928 to 1948.

Some other measurements;

1.) I beam ( center section ) - 1-3/4" wide, 2" tall

2.) King pin boss - approx. 2-3/8"
Another measurement you may want to CHANGE is width, (all my late axles are 54 inches boss to boss) :D and that is not that hard to change, by cutting the axle in the center and making connector plates to fit inside the I beam {can be bolted together} on both sides. (or use tubing on a tube axle) you can now be as wide or narrow as you like or need to be.. Be extra creative with your brackets for a wild and different look as well...
The main reason I go as wide (54") as I do is so that I can keep the radius rods in close to the frame, so the tires will not hit in tight turns... There was nothing worse than not being able to park in one move... and getting into a small street parking space is really a snap when you can turn real sharp. try a 22 ft circle.

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