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Ford Explorer Rear


I've just scored a low milage complete rear w/disc brakes and 3.73 gears for cheap.:lol: Now back at shop I've noticed that pinion is offset by 2" from center. :confused: I understand phasing trany and rearend vertically but will this horizontal shift cause problems? My rear will be about 15" further back than a standard T due to body stretch and longer bed.
Nope, most are offset like that. No problemo, the U joints like to work horizontally and vertically.

I just picked up a Explorer rear end also and would like to know how to tell if it has "Trac-loc" or not.
If you mean posi-traction, then I'm pretty sure that if you turn the hub clockwise, posi-traction will spin the opposite hub in the same rotation, if not then the opposite hub will turn counter clockwise... now I'm digging this up from a memory a very long time ago, so to be sure, wait till someone else jumps in! :eek:
Very interesting reading there Todd ,,Thanks for the link

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