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Ford oil filter...

OK, Ive serched the fourms but I can't find it. I thought I had seen a post about a short filter that fit a SBF that would clear the frame......Or was I just dreaming?:lol:
Off the top of my head--One is Fram PF44 And another one I can check for you that is fatter.
I use the carquest 85068 I think the number refers back to a dodge
The very shortest one is one used on most Volvo's made. Just go to the auto parts store and look under Volvo and this filter fits more than any other part number. I always forget the number, but I just open the book and it jumps right out at you. It is only about 2 inches long, and I used it when I swapped the 5.0 into my Jeep truck.

Glad we could help...

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