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Forum Statistics - 11 May


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The forum statistics have been posted here.

It's pretty hard to keep this grin off my face, when looking at those numbers.

For those that don't visit the blog site to see what has been reported there, I want to repeat something that has been said over there.

Take a look at the list of forum sponsors and give some very real consideration to visiting them, the next time you are needing T-Bucket parts. And try to be kind to those forum members that have those contributor tags in their postscripts. These are the companies and individuals ensuring the continued growth of this forum resource for everyone.
That looks really good. And to think we're only gettin' started.

WOW! The numbers are amazing! Just shows how popular our love for these little cars really is. Thanks to webmaster and all who make this space possible for us to have a place to go!
I'd give a buck to see where we are a year from now considering where this site was a year ago.

Wow thats great ! Thanks to all who make this site happen ..

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