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Forum Support Auction - Vintage Magazine


Printed in 1976 by Argus, HOW TO BUILD A STREET ROD is a Volume 1 Number 1. It contains the following articles:

How To Paint Flames
Scratch Built Street Rod (T bucket)
How To Set Up A Blower For The Street
Project Street Machine (33 Ford Pickup)
11 SecondStreet Chevy 350


Last bid in by 6pm Central time Sunday May 3rd wins.
You pay Mike - Mike gives me your address - I mail your Magazine

Good Luck! Bid early and often, it goes to a great cause.
$10.00 from the old guy in the back!!

this mag has agreat build of Jim Kirby's T in it, the one on the cover. it's been my bible for years. $15

$22.50 It'll go with all my other vintage Magazines featuring T-buckets.
Man this has turned out to be a great idea for forum support. Hats off to you guys i will go through my stuff and find a good auction item.
I'll be putting up a Lokar 32"double bend shifter lever with inside cable soon.The WARDEN wants the shorter one back.
You are the last one to post a bid. Still yours, but we still have til 6pm on Sunday. Central Time 'cause I know someone will ask.
25 Hours left. Everette is high bidder at $30.
Well it has been fun and I think it's getting a little out of my reach so I guess I will have to rely on my experince in building the T's that I like to build the one I have now is the 5th one and it gets better each time I build them as a T-Rike but can be put back as a rod in just minutes
Busy weekend, ChuckT is the winner at $35
Thanks for your support Chuck and to all the other bidders.


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