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Forum Wiki

Discussion in 'T-Bucket Forums Announcements' started by Mike, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. Mike

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    Oct 23, 2006
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    In my ongoing effort to make the forums easier to use for our members and guests, I've looked high and low for a means to provide simple and timely answers to questions our users might raise.

    We had a help desk add-on that worked quite well, but the add-on developer decided he was unable to pull on his big-girl panties, and he dropped the add-on, overnight.

    I tried a FAQ add-on, which did not seem to work very well for people.

    So, I have been working on a new project, one that I hope will provide the final solution for everyone.


    If you look over in the right sidebar, on the forum home page, you will see a navigation module. And the very first link in that module will whisk you away to our new, forum wiki.

    This is very much an ongoing project, one that I am working on, as time allows. This is my first go with Media Wiki, which is the very same software Wikipedia runs on, so there is an associated learning curve. But the more wiki pages I create, the better the handle I am getting on it.

    To answer some questions I see coming from this -

    No, the wiki is not to be used to ask and answer T-Bucket tech questions. That is the purpose of these forums.

    Yes, the wiki is to be used only for discovering answers on how to use the forums.

    Contrary to popular belief, I am a human being, just like any of you. And this means my time is finite, the same as your own. I hold down a full-time job, I need to prepare and eat meals, I need time to look after these forums, I need time to look after a handful of my other Web sites, I have other interests I pursue, and there are even times when I am at home and nowhere near a computer. I'll not even try to convince you I have a need for sleep, the same as anyone else. So, no, the wiki will not be completed today, tomorrow, or even a month from tomorrow. It is, and will likely always be, a work in progress.

    If you have questions about the forums, try the wiki. If you cannot find an answer there, try the forum Search function. If you still come up short, raise your question in the appropriate forum, and we will get you an answer as quickly as possible.

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