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Frame plans


Does anyone have any 29 frame plans or instructions. I am just thinking what if.:lol:
Rut rooh Rooster!!!! What ya thinkin???

That's just a tease Rooster .. more input please!!!! roadster or coupe?? channeled, hiboy or fenders?? theme?? etc......

High boy roadster. gold with dark brown leather interior. Old school with a tri power or late model Fi still thinkin. L60E or 700 R4. halibrand sprints.independent front suspension with coilovers. rack and pinion Big littles ,lakes with ss exhaust out the back. I can almost see it how bout you youngster.
:thumbsup:Oh Yeah!!!!
-'29 roadster with a stock horse collar radiator shell, plated of corse
-nice lil 283 with trip Holley's and 3 lil bonnets
-'vette covers
-lakes headers and full exhaust system
-Big-n-lil www's on chromed Ford solids
-Gold from a PT Cruiser with cocoa brown threads

Daymn Rooster .. you paint a nice picture!!!!!!

Do ya think an independent front end goes with this?? :think:

I saw one over the weekend that pulled it off because everything was chrome but that P&J 4 inch drop I beam is awfull sweet.
You took the words out of my mouth with that PT gold.
Rooster .. have you seen the book by Bishop &Tardel, "How to build a Traditional Hot Rod"? If not get a copy. You can't go wrong following that build. I have seen one built like the one in the book with a Chevy drivetran and it was awesome.

I will have susan pick that up for me .You cant have to much info.
There ya go. And to everyone out there, this book has so much info in it that it should be required reading for everyone. You guys building flathead powered cars will think you've found the hot rod bible!


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