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From Iowa


sit a spell, lots of great folks, with TONS of info and experience here :cool:

Welcome to the forum, glad you joined in.

Howdy from Texas, :rofl:
Welcome Kevin. :D Do you have a bucket or are you going to build. :D
Welcome from Minnesota. Glad to see another Yankee here. LOL You gave us enough info to get our attention, now how about telling us what you're up to.

Hi Kevin you came to the right place if you have a tbucket or just thinking about one the guys here will help in any way possable.:D:D..Francis
Hi again, I am going to build my own. I have been looking around for an affordable kit. I like the Spirit ones. I am 36 yrs old and Have had a few cool rides but never a T bucket. Does anyone have seatbelts in theirs?

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