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Front drums


Last week, I managed to snag a pair of '56 F-100 front drums, hubs and backing plates for my early Ford spindles....took a while to find and I ended up paying $100.

I just picked up a July Street Rodder and there's an article on using finned Buick drums with early Ford spindles. The Buick drums look great but they were next to impossible to find around these parts.....could only find 1 drum and it was going for $175, so I think I'll stick with the F-100 stuff.
If memory serves me correctly, the Buick drums wouldn't fit anyway. The Buicks fit on 12 inch brakes and the F100 are 11 inch. Like I say, I am doing that from memory.

I like the Buick drums too. I have a set on my T and my Son has a set on his '29. They are getting crazy pricewise. I feel sorry for some guy who owns a Buick and just needs to do a brake job. :eek::lol:

If you think the drums are $$$, wait 'til you price the hubs in that artical!

Whoa...Craig has an F-1 setup. The Buick drums won't work.

Oops, I hope that I didn't give the impression that the Buick drums would be mounted on the F-100 backing plates. I realize that the Buick plates would have to be used. Tex Smith's "How to build a hot rod Chassis" mentions using '46-'48 Ford hubs with this setup.

Sorry guys....I'll stick with the F-100 drums.

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