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front spindles


Hey guys! Hope everyone is all well, I have a mysterious question. If you powdercoat your spindles, can the heat from the bake warp or distort your spindles? When I first got the my T from Total I dry fit everything and all fit well, now that I am putting it all together the King pins are so tight that once you get them in you can barely turned the steering wheel. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks Guys
Hey, TexasT, maybe I can help. I had mine powdercoated and like you, I found it hard to move the spindles. I didn't have my drag link or steering box yet. So, I called Brian at Total and he told me that in a short time, they would be fine. So, during the course of my build, I was constantly rolling the chassis around which meant turning the front wheels/spindles. Just like Brian said, over time they got better and I never had a problem from them. It seems they just need to "wear" a little.

Give Brian a call and I'm sure he can explain this to you better than I have.
Fred is right, they will wear in, but if you want to accelerate the process you can put some 1200 grit sandpaper on your finger and lightly hone the inside just a tad.

TexasT said:
Thanks guys. I always knew there are still some great people out there in the hot rod world

All for one, bro.:welcome:

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