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Front spring perch design


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I've been asked about the front spring perch I use. When I designed my front end, the one thing I wanted was balance between the componets.

I use a 2'' o.d. axle and a 2'' o.d. front crossmember. The spring is 1 3/4'' wide. On a spring behind the axle, I set the spring 1 1/2'' from the front crossmember and 1 1/2'' behind the axle. For the side rails I use 1 1/2'' x 3'' tubing, so when I position the spring perch gussets, I set them in the center of the perch at 1'' apart inside or 1 1/2'' outside. For the hair pins, tie rod and drag link I use 7/8'' dom tubing.

I try to keep the axle, the spring and the front cross member on the same plane. It seems to give the whole front end a nice flow.

I know that's alot of numbers but it works visually. Ther are componets the same size and the spacing of them is the same creating the balance I mentioned.

The spring over the axle is yet another set up that I will cover if someone wants the information.
As a rule of thumb, you want to keep the spring mount close to the axle. The further away it is, the more stress you put on that portion of the bat-wing. A gusset in this area adds a lot of heat to the axel. A 3/8'' thick batwing is stable enough that a gusset isn't needed.

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