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Fun day for speedster owners

Geez, just when I quit thinking about one. :ciao:

Seriously, nice link.
Todd...You know I'm gonna keep bringing up speedsters every now and then.:whistle:

I know, you are just trying to keep me motivated.:buttkick:
They have a real cool hill climb event in Newport, Indiana every year. It started in 1909! It has a bunch of classes, and is for stockers with the exception of the T speedsters and the bikes. It is a hoot and a great time. The whole town is blocked off and there is a great car show, craft booths and lots of good food. I go almost every year...if you live in indiana or Illinois, you should go. This year it is October 3, 4, and 5.
The fast guy's have one in Norwood Iowa every year in Sept. My brother and I have been to a couple of them and had a great time. They have speakers there on topics like the overhead valve set ups, etc. Then they serve a great meal. After that they hold the "flat" hill climb. A great way to spend a Sunday.


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