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Got the gauges in the dash. working on getting all the wooding done.


Varoom it looks good. This maybe a dumb question but what is the wooden blocks on the passengerside used for? I think I know why you added it on the driver side. It is to cover some of the brake pedal and give your foot a resting area.
LumenAl said:
did you say what I think you said? :funmeter2:

Just checking to see who is reading and who is just looking at pictures. You and HAceT pass your reading and comprehension test for today.
Post a pic of your gas pedal. that's a good simple set up. lots of guys could benefit from that.

Heck yeah. I do pay attention since that is all I have left after taxes.:welcome: Anyway that pedal looks like the one I'm using. Mine is out of a S-10 blazer and I removed the bracket and pedal assembly as one and all I have to do then is mount it up in the firewall area. All that will be hanging down is the pedal.

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