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Gettin' old

der Spieler

I had an exciting weekend. I woke up early (0230) with a very severe constant pain in my chest and in my left arm. I knew I wasn't having the big one but I knew something wasn't right. l drove myself to the emergency room. My blood pressure was 195 over 135. (Evidently I'm supposed to take my blood pressure medicine every day.) They kept my in the emergency room for a couple of hours while they pumped various drugs into me to bring the numbers down. Fortunately they succeeded. Unfortunately the drugs didn't have any of the effects I enjoyed in the late 60s. During the check-in interview the ER nurse asked if I had been using Lavitra or Viagra. I said "yes, I crush it to a powder, dissolve it in water and sprinkle it on my flowers. The iris along the back of the garden have never stood so tall." She got the joke.

After a couple of hours an attractive 40ish blond with a well developed bosom came and wheeled me down to my room. I got a little 'brush' as she helped me into the wheelchair. It didn't help my blood pressure but I new if I was on my way to my great reward I was going to go grinning from ear to ear.

They released me about noon with instructions to get plenty of rest (at which I'm an expert) and to start taking my meds like I'm supposed to (which will require some retraining).

And that's all there is to say about that...................Steve
Glad to hear it was only the med's, there is something about taking them on a regular basis (I have a problem there too). I've noticed that the time I spent in the cardio ward they seem to have well developed nurses there too. I think its a conspiricey to induce heart stress, I was in the surgical ward recently and there wasn't a good looking nurse willing to give a sponge bath in my room for 5 days!:shifty:
I have trouble taking pills too. I was never one to run the the medicine cabinet every time I had a headache. Mostly be cause I knew it wouldn't help as long as she kept talking. i've gotten in the habit of putting my pills in a cup before I go to bed. The next morning I wash 'em down while I'm waiting for my coffee.

I have an old friend who's a nurse. I asked her one time about the 'brushes'. She told me she often did it just to see the responce from the old guys. Now I look forward to seeing her when I go to the clinic. She hasn't disappointed me yet!

"I swear it was my elbow."
My God Fred, she's almost out of uniform! Is she working at the VA hospital?

Steve...I hope you took your meds before you saw this!

When I was in SE Asia we would refer to her as an LBFM.

I only took a brief look at her Ron.. I was afraid a longer look might cause me to OD on my blood pressure medicine.
Can you tell me what LBFM stands for on here?

Youngster said:
My God Fred, she's almost out of uniform! Is she working at the VA hospital?

Steve...I hope you took your meds before you saw this!


VA hospital?????my VA hospital has folks working there older than me...think it is their way of getting us in and out quickly...bouque dinkie dow

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