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Getting back in the game;


Greetings to all . My name is Randall, New to this site/forum.. but not T buckets. Although it has been sometime since my last build. My first and only Bucket I built was in 1979/80. I know, I know! Whats taken me so long to get back in the game.... 3 kids and a mortgage.! None the less, it`s great to begin another build. Hopefuly I can draw opon the wealth of knowlege that I`ve discovered here and also the slight chance that my 2 cents might help or inspire someone. My first question would be, what are my options for rotors and calipers for org. 1940 ford spindles. I know Total Performance has what I need, but talk about sticker-shock. Can anyone dicect me to a budget set-up. Any advice would be great. Thanks, Randall.
Welcome to the site and back in the game. You've come to the right place. Giving and receiving is what we're all about here. How about a verbal picture of your new T.

Speedway has a front brake kit using GM discs for $199. They say in the catalog that it is too much brake for a light boadster. Does anybody know why?
You could go the early ford truck hub and then have some volkswagen rotors cut to fit ans use the same caliphers. I used this set up on my first T and again on my sons. The first time it cost about $20.00 the next time it was more like a $100.00. Don't have any pics here can get a few if it would help.
Whoops I found one. The inset is a close up.

Thanks to all who welcomed me to this site, sorry it`s taken me this long to respond,but shortly after my org. post my job called me away. None the less is a well recieved warm welcome. Todd, I am building a 23 style the same as my 1st bucket. I do have a Speedway cat. and it is a great resourse. ; Stroker, I read a thead under the subject of brakes and the guys talked alot about front wheel shake,hop,vibration or how ever you chose to discribe it ( I`ve experanced my self ;1st hand w/ my first T . WOW!!) I did alot of tighteningon my friction shocks,Helped alot But I don`t recall what type of rotors I had on the car.?? GM dics.?? Butch27; I agree, I don`t like the awkward look either. Tbucit; You have my attention the early ford truck hub, how early? 40s, 50s or will a car hub work? The Voltswagon rotor, how and where is it cut? Over-all heigth or thickness? I`m not sure I`m following you. And then what caliper would I use, GM? I like the way you think; Outside the box.. something different and unique. Thanks again everyone.
You can find the bearings and seals for the F-1 and F-100 in your Speedway catalog.


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