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Good deal?


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OK, so I found a '27 T that is complete and very nice. I wanted to build a car, but there is time for that later. Plus it seems cheaper to buy this than build something half as well.

The car is a '27 T fiberglass body with working door and complete interior and soft top. It has a Chevy 305 and 3 speed manual trans. Engine looks real nice and its got cool Lakes style headers. It has a narrowed Ford 9" rear with 3:50 gears, 4 wheel disk brakes and even an E-brake. It is even registered as a 1927 Ford in NY.

The owner will take $8,000 and then it will probably cost me another $1,000 to get it home and registered. Does this sound like a good deal to you guys? Or I could go with a car that is not nearly as nice, but local and about $2,000 cheaper.

Here are a few pics.

Here is another pic, but not so good. Atleast you can see the whole car. They also got me pics of the interior and it looks really nice.

So, do ya have the "8" of "disposable" income to spend ? If so ,and your happy with the car and the build, then I say GO FOR IT ! From the pics it looks pretty good. I'd take a good look at the bottom of the car once ya get there and make sure it's well put together.
I like the looks of the car personally...."BH"
Got the cash. Plan was to drive up to look it over and trailor it back. Now that I found a truck to borrow it will be much cheaper to get, since all I have to rent is the trailor.
I'd say go for it. Just think you will be driving it this summer and enjoying it, instaed of in the garage building it. Just make sure it has a good title. If it is titled as a 2005 kit car does it have to meet 2005 regulations and would it pass the MD laws. You hate to buy the car get it home then can't get tages and a tile in MD. I used to live there, their laws are pretty strict.:rofl:

Looks like a really nice build!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The car is registered in NY as a 1927 Ford. In NY for old cars they don't issue titles, just registrations. I am calling the MVA here in MD to see if a legal NY registration and bill of sale are enough for me to register the car here as a 1927 Ford.

I hope to be driving to the local car show THIS SATURDAY if all goes well. Once I have this car for a while I'll start building the FFR Cobra I have always wanted.
Great deal, I was thinking of selling mine awhile back,And was
thinking 8k unfinished.

PLEASE dump the hubcaps....
HAHAHA, the wheels are one of the few things I plan to change. I want to also change the dash and add nicer gauges and maybe change the floor carpet to black(its red now). One day I'll probably go to a built auto and a more powerful 350, but that all depends on whatever other projects I have going later.
Look's good. I would go for the Coker white walls and baby moons.

thomas said:
Look's good. I would go for the Coker white walls and baby moons.


I like that idea. Although first I'll see what the wheels look like under the hubcaps. Maybe a coat of paint will do me for a while. I'm sure the wife doesn't want me tossing too much money at the car right away.
I like it. It looks like a good build with some nice touches. What is that carb set up it's running.
All I know right now about the engine is that it is a Chevy 305ci bored .030 over, 9.5:1 compression ratio, Crane Blue Racer cam + lifters and there's about 2000 miles since it was rebuilt. I'll get more info when I go see the car tomorrow. If everything checksout I'll bring it home with me. I'll register it on Wednesday and be driving it to the show on Saturday.

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