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Good Evening from Houston


New Member
Hello everyone, new to the site. Yet to have my "T" but looking to start building soon. Just got to decide on a 23 or 27.
Are you looking to build or buy already built? This is a big factor 27 has more leg room on most regular bodies. If building the 23 you can get widened and lengthened bodies.What you should probably do first is go to an outside car show and see if someone will let you sit in one.Then ask them what body they have and if added size to it.Tbucket owners are a friendly bunch that like to help somebody from making the same mistakes We made. WELCOME
Welcome to the forum Muddy1975 you're going to like this place.
There is a local guy in Houston who can show you an old school car, his name is
TFeverfred. Welcome and good luck
Welcome to the site Muddy.....There is alot of knowledge at this site for any questions you may have.

welcome to the site Muddy. Don't be afraid to ask questions here. You will get at least one answer to each and everyone of them. You have found probably the most valuable and most offen used tool for your build or re-build.

Thanks guys for the warm welcome. Been reading around on some of the other posts. Looks like a great group, looking forward to it.

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