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Got a little done......


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finally got enough parts in to try my first real mock-up:cool:

lemme see if I can figure out how to post a picture...........



WOO-HOO.....looks like it worked!!

There you won't be long now!
Good start Vance. Keep her going, it just gets better each day. I started mine June 2007 and have had a big smile on my face ever since. Best of luck on your build.

Work on the bucket and post pics, sounds like a great day.
I remember when my build was at that stage and I showed it to my girlfriend. She thought it was a weight bench.:mad::lol:

It looks good man, everyday with a new part is the best day ever!;)
Oh they are much better than a weight bench!! You start moving them around and you can pull muscles you never knew you had and wreck a few discs in you back. LOL
RPM said:
Lookin good there. We like pictures of a build. Keep up the good work.

Thanks Ron, I'll see what I can do:cool:

I hear tell you are the "Corvair steering box" Man.
prolly gonna need one. I'm bidding on a Corvair box on the E-bay.
but its not a "reversed" box, whatever that means:confused:

can ya tell its my first T-build:rolleyes::eek:

Vance, your mockup is starting to look like something now. You are at my favorite part of a build, when you stand up tires and put wood under things to make them look like a car. Time to get out the milk crate and start making engine noises.:lol:

A reversed Corvair box is exactly what the name implys, the steering column shaft is inserted into the opposite end of the box so that the box can be mounted with the pitman arm in the right place. The way you do it is you disassemble the box, bore a hole in the big nut so your steering shaft can come through it, and then put a freeze plug in the old hole. That is rather simplistic, but I've sent you a PM directing you to more detailed info on how to do it.

Thanks Don.

"simplistic" I like it!!

Vance...check your PM's.

Ron, check yours:cool:

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