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got some stuff done today!!


New Member
put my starter and alternator on today..



Finished painting the transmission, used aluminum boat primer, and finished it with, You guessed it hi-temp bbq grill paint.. turned out good, hope it stays looking somewhat like it does now :lol:


And last but definetly not least, i scored my wheels and tires.. centerline telstars for cheap...

I've got about everything to start my build.. think next will be grille shell and radiator, think i'm going with a model A grille shell.. gonna have to look around and see which i like best...

I'm starting to get antsy to start on it..
Very nice brucer i have the same alt and that rascal is right on the frame, very close.
nice pile of parts there brucer ... wont be long now huh?

Man, that tranny came out great! Nice work.
stock one would fit, i just like the high torque mini starters.. seems like they dont work as hard to turn the engine over, and also seems like the engine starts easier..

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