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Gotta ask.


For some reason every thread on here is too big for my screen. You know how they look when someone posts a too big picture and then the rest of the writing spreads out so that you have to use the arrow keys to move along with the post to read it all? But it happens on every post here, even when no picture is posted.

Is anyone else having this problem? I asked my Son last night because he understands computers and I dont, and he said to post this to ask. He said the forum may be set up on a different size or something.

It just makes it tough to read the threads.

Ok, I did that, and all it does is make the print smaller, but still spread out clear past the margins. This is the only forum where that happens, unless someone posts a too big picture.


BTW, thanks, I made my print bigger now and can see much better.
I was having the same problem, in fact its what kept me from logging in a few weeks earlier.. Scroll to the bottom of the page, in the last blue horizontal bar there should be a button to click onI think its the default style, or redbar option, I messed with something down there and got my pages to fit, whats weird tho is that some pages are still the wrong size.
Paul, I'm electing you "genius of the week." :D It worked.

I was going blind scrolling back and forth on every thread.

Thanks a lot.

Three cheers for Paul....Hiphip...hooray, Hiphip...hooray, Hiphip...HOORAY!!!!!!!!!
I just figured it was my stupidity.....guess it was in a way.


Ps. I like the blue better anyway!
It's ........ it's like I'm in a whole new website! Thanks! I always thought I had messed something up! Thanks, man!
It's hard to beleive we all had the same problem and yet, nobody said anything. Toooooo funny!

Youngster said:
It's hard to beleive we all had the same problem and yet, nobody said anything. Toooooo funny!


LOL Well, nobodies project came to a halt, so we ignored it!:D
LumenAl said:
Holy Cow... Help Me! I'm surrounded by computer rookies!


No problems here either. :yay:

Computer rookie my butt!! After I learn a few more things I MAY move up to Computer rookie, but right now I'm way below that skill level!! :eek::lol::laff:

That little sizing thing was driving me nuts. I was hesitating to read all the threads because I got tired of arrowing back and forth. So glad others benefited too from his info.

Yeah Don, but you got the car skills. I'm trying to work my way up there.
It's the screen resolution you're using. Try 1024 X 768 and the problem should go away. This particular box is set at 1152 X 864 and it displays just fine. At 800 X 600, you're going to be side-scrolling.

And don't try telling me these resolutions are too small for you. My iMac is set at 1680 X 1050. :eek:

We run some stats review scripts on these sites and one of the reports will indicate what browser, what operating system and and what screen resolution everyone is using. There are less than 3% of our users that are running at 800 X 600 resolution. 1024 X 768 leads the pack, with a tick over 37% of you using it. And that is the resolution with which the site is optimized to be most compatible.
I love it when you talk computer. :D I don't understand a word of it, but I love it anyway. :eek::razz::lol::lol:

I hope computers die, just like the cell phone fad.:lol:
tfeverfred said:
I hope computers die, just like the cell phone fad.:D

Cell phones!!!!!!!! Don't get me started. :eek::eek::mad: Everybody has those d*** things hanging off of their heads any more. One day I saw a homeless guy pushing all his worldly belongings in a shopping cart.......AND HE WAS TALKING ON A CELL PHONE !!! :lol:

I hear ya Don. I think most people who use cell phones, use them because they have them, not because they HAVE to talk to someone. I have mine for emergencys. My mom is getting up in years and Houston isn't the safest of cities, so if my cell phone goes off, it's important.

Just listen to some of the conversations you catch a lot of people having. Stuff like: "Hi. I just wanted to know what you're doing. Yea, I'm at the mall, too." Total waste.

Heck, I can't even remember how many minutes a month I have, because I've never come close to using them all. I've had the same phone for almost 7 years. It doesn't take pictures, movies or have internet access. Gee.... it's just a phone!:eek: How crazy is that!?

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