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I suspect that more than one of you bucket lovers grew up about the same time I did, and were like me and glued to the TV set every Friday night, waiting for a glimpse of "Kookies T" to make an appearance on 77 SunSet Strip. If so, I REALLY have to recommend a DVD for you. It is put out by the Mad Fabricators Society, and features Von Franco's reproductions of Norms two versions of the car.

It also features a ton of film clips from not only SunSet Strip, but movies I never knew the car was in. We got it for Christmas and have watched it a bunch of times, finding new stuff all the time in it. Do yourself a favor and get a copy, I can't say enough about how good it made me feel to take this trip back in time to when I was about 12 and starting on this hobby.

Here is a YouTube clip from the DVD.

[ame=[media=youtube]Twyywf1NOwQ[/media] - The Car That Ate My Brain! Home Movie Trailer[/ame]

Don what kind off windshield posts were those on his car?
According to what Von Franco said in the DVD, Norm had those built. The first ones were too short for when they put the top on the car and they built some temporary extensions. Then he had the new windshield built (I think by Valley Customs) and that is the one we are most familiar with.

What was interesting, and I had forgotten it, was that the first version of the car was the black "Lightning Bug", then Norm jacked up the rear, painted it blue with flames, and made a bunch of other changes. That is the one that Kookie drove.

Sadly, the car now resides in Ohio and is a real mess. Some show car guy modified it with dual slicks per side :eek: twin blowers, and some goofy seats with headrests. He won't even allow anyone to see it or even discuss it.

I met Ed Bynes, alia "Kooky" in Sonora, Calif. at a film festival, maybe 20yrs. ago. He was signing autographs and still combing that ducktail.
I remember reading somewhere when Norm made the desicission to rent the car out after the "rebuild", windshield, top, paint and interior, Valley Custom made covers for the frame because of all the patchwork that had been done to them.

Yep, I read an interview with Norm and he laughed when people looked at the frame rails and marveled how straight they were. Valley customs actually made sheet steel covers for them and people were looking at the covers. :lol: He said "we didn't know what the hell we were doing. We would cut a little off the back and weld it on the front, then cut a little more and weld it on until we got the look we wanted. But it left the frame really cobbled up."

The movies and SunSet Strip were really hard on the car. Ed never used the door and jumped over the side. In some scenes you can see and hear the door opening all the way and smacking the headers when someone was getting in. Norm also drove it like mad, and in one Peter Gunn clip he is doing doughnuts in the dirt, chasing some guy.

My Sons and I got to meet Norm at Daytona Turkey Run a few years ago. He was selling stuff and of course we had to buy some. He's certifiable, but a blast to talk with. What you see with Norm is what you get, he's just a down to earth nutcase, and funny as all get out.

I can't say again how much I enjoyed that Mad Fabricators movie. For a while I was a 12 year old again, sitting in front of the TV on a Friday night.:D:D

I had the opertunity to meet Normiepo at BTT50's years ago. What a guy!!! You are totaly correct Don, he's certifiable. He was telling about taking Mamme Van Dorne for a ride in his touring. Had us in stitches in 6.4 seconds!!!!


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