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Greetings from New Zealand T owner.


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Hi,you will off guessed that I am new at this computer thingy.I have a bucket that I recentlly had road worthy,put 200 -300 miles on it over our summer period but is now pulled apart for the final paint and upholstery.I run an early high HP 350 Chev,T400 with a 10 Bolt chevy rear.I had trouble with the triple carbs at first but after spending TOO much money on rebuilding and tuning they are set up good now.I have cut the fibre doors off so to frame up and have opening doors.This has turned into a bigger job then first thought,still trying to workout the hinges to use plus what catches.One thing I am disappointed with is my new Pete & Jakes chrome shocks on the front have signs of rust around tthe mounting eyes already.:lol: I believed the Americans were the best at every thing:lol:!!!
I believed the Americans were the best at every thing:lol:!!!
That was your first mistake:razz:
I'm surprised at that shock rust thing.Give them a call they do stand behind there products.Oh do you have any pics of your car?we are kinda strange that way ya see we need pics,we feed off of them as every one else does.
Welcome to the forum Whiplash, I suggest you follow Ricks advise and contact Pete & Jakes about the rusting problem. Please post any pictures you have of your "T", this is what we live for here on the forum.

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