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Greetings from New Zealand

You have landed on a really great web sight ,full of good infoe and great people ,, But one on the must do thing's here is that you post pictures of your ride and build's ,,,
Welcome Aboard :thumbsup:
Welcome, We are getting a bunch of Kiwi's here.
Welcome to the forum Matt, it sounds like you're going to be very busy with 3 builds going on.
Welcome to the forum Matt, Where in NZ are you from?? Like the others have said theres a few of us kiwi's on here, some with cars on the road, others like me building new old stuff and battling with Cert as i want mine registered as a 26 or 26 T RPU not a 2009 LVVTA replica.
Welcome to the site and keep us informed and post up pix's of your builds.

Man I miss all the good food from Auckland.

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