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Half way...


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Door opening be done with a sill plate...On to the door.
That oughta keep the little woman happy........for now:lol:

Very nice job on the door opening and sill.Did you take any pics as you went?
Just one listed under "silly women"
That's a clean looking sill. Looks like it came from a new car. That should put a smile on her face. Of course now that you've given in this time, the lists will only come with more frequency!:D Next..... a seat warmer, cup holders, television, vanity mirror... before ya know it, you'll have a Cadillac T Bucket!:lol:
Looks good. You won't regret it. Here's the drivers door on my '27 hiboy;


Looking good sir, Least you didn't have to fool around
with making a step for a channeled body.

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