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Have you seen this t-bucket?


Yo Forum Members . . .

I'm a man on a mission. I'm have been building hot rods and customs for many years and I'm happy to say I know where all of my old cars are today . . . with the exception of my favorite . . . a 1923 T-Bucket.

I built the bucket late in the 70s. The frame was built in Palo Alto by John Romero of Able Special T. The body came from Steve Archer in San Bruno. Once finished, I drove it all over the bay area through most of the 80s.

When I finished my '32 Highboy I decided to sell bucket . . . which is something I have always regretted. I was able to locate the dude who bought it. He said he tooled around the Santa Cruz area in it for 11 years. He then sold it to someone in the San Jose area and that is where the trail ends.

I have checked the vin number and it is not registered in California. Being an old VIN number there are too few numbers to trace through any internet search. I would love to know what happened to the bucket. Is it taking up space in someone's garage, was it junked or is it still alive and burnin' rubber?

Then I had a thought! Duh, where better to look for a long lost T-Bucket than on this forum. So here is a photo. If anyone in the forum knows its whereabouts please drop me an email . . . or give the current owner my email address.


Wow nice ride. Not many here for me to check out. But, I will ask around here. I also copied the pix to show around to the other Bucket heads here. GL with your search.

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