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Header question...


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Alright. I bought a weld-it-yourself header kit from speedway motors. No one makes Buick sprint car style headers. Tacked the first side together, everything looked great. Welding it yesterday... everything looked great. Bolted the header on, everything fit wonderfully. I then remeasured the ground clearance, which was right on, and noticed the gap in the center where the tubes enter the collector. Has anyone else noticed this and is it a big problem? After some time on the internet, I couldn't find anything one way or the other. Only that many header manufacturers use a plate to cover that hole. Nothing on the do it yourself stuff. I see zoomies all the time so I don't think it will be that bad.
I made my headers myself. Nobody made a 2" header for a small block. Anyway if you don't weld that shut it will leak. Installed the tubes in the collector then I tacked all 4 tubes together but not to the collector. The took the collector off and welded that hole shut. Then welded the collector on. :lol:

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