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Headlight conduit


Hey guys, Got a question. What headlight wire conduit are ya ll using,found some in Speedys catalog but it just dont work.
I ran my wiring through the headlight stand, but I have heard of others using the flexible braided water lines for faucets from Lowe's or Home Depot.
I used one from speedway but I had to modify one end.The short threaded end I used on the frame with a hole that I drilled and tapped.The long threaded end I cut it off flush with the the flat surface on that end and drilled and tapped it to fit the threads on the headlights. The really hard part was holding the end piece without messing up the finish while drilling. I hope that this helps
TexasT said:
Hey guys, Got a question. What headlight wire conduit are ya ll using,found some in Speedys catalog but it just dont work.

Here's my article on the NTBA site on using SS braided water line.

My car was built with looks like 3/8" tubing. When I installed headlights with turn signals there was not enough room to add more wires so I used a piece of 1/2" aluminum tubing and bent it to the same radius as the headlight mount. Then I put a slight flare on each end so the wired will not rub. The tubing is available from places like Summit racing and it is used as fuel line. I added the tie wraps just to hold it in place while the black silicon dries then I will remove it.

Why not make your own head light stands. All you need is a 1/2" thin wall conduit "sweep" or 90 degree bend (available at any home improvement store), some exhaust tubing an a piece of angle iron. The wires a completely hidden within the conduit. Here is a picture to give you and idea of what I described.


Did mine similiar to Jim's (EX Junk), but I used a 'U'-shaped driveshaft loop I bought at a swap meet. Mine sweeps out instead of up, but runs the wires through for a hidden look. I welded a mounting cup on it like Jim, but it is slightly deeper as I made the cup the bottom mounting for the light, which eliminated that piece of the headlight for a bit smoother look. It has a large washer welded in it for the headlight to bolt through. My plan was going smooth till I had to bolt them down---and forgot about the wire thru the stem.:)
I had to cut up one side of a cheap deep socket (sim to a O2 sensor socket) so I could tighten the headlights down. That special socket now resides in the trunk tool box :D!

I couldn't find any pics of just the stands, but here is a front end pic. Also you can see the headlight stands on my dads 'red '27 , which was also made from a U bend, but has exposed wire conduit.


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