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heater hose ideas


I have a 302 ford engine and on the water pump there are 2 hose connections on the water pump. The top one I think goes to the water neck for a bypass and the lower would go to the heater. I need the plug this port and need ideas. The connections are pressed in to the pump.

This is my current solution. Not Cool!

Thanks for any and all ideas.

On the 302 in my '27, I pulled the lower one out and tapped it for a flush plug. Looks great and in super clean looking.
They do make rubber caps think vacuum caps,large enough for them i did this on a mopar better looking than hose buy not as pretty as a freeze plugs.
I would drill and tap and insert a plug. It will look better and last longer than a rubber cap. I did both but after awhile the cap will go but the tapped plug will stay. Just my 2 cents.....
BlownT that is not a option. I think tapping and pluging the port is the best option. Thanks for the suggestions.

JB Weld them :wall: is the pump aluminum? If so I can get taps for that. We could cut out the hose barbs and then tap them out. Either way it could be done.
VroomKrazy said:
OldredT the pump is steel. Bring you jb weld over and we can fix it.

If you guys decide to TAP those ports with a TAPER pipe tap (NPT avail. any hardware store...) Be real carefull you don't TAP too deep. I suggest to go a few turns and stop and check the thread depth......But I'm sure you know that already. :eek: "BH"

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