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Hello All from Asheboro, NC

Hello, and thanks for having me. I'm running a reversed Corvair steerting box on my Tbucket. I noticed the other day while driving, the steering seemed to have a lot of free play. Took it home. The very next time I turned the steering wheel, it spun around like there was nothing there. When I turn the wheel, I can see just a hint of sidways motion in the pitman arm but no forward or backard motion. Has anyone got any advise before I take this thing apart? I had just came off the bypass running 65 or better when I noticed the steering problem. I certainly don't want to take a chance on losing my steering again. Thanks for any help..... Billy
The first place to check would be the connection between the steering column and the steering box. If you have a short input shaft box, how is the column connected to the Corvair box? There are some awfully mickey mouse ways that people have used over the years. My guess is that would be the most logical problem.

To totally lose the ability to move the pitman arm with the input from the wheel and the problem be within the box itself would almost have to be a broken input shaft or the lose of the recirculating balls on the worm shaft. There are 4 screws that hold the recirculating track pieces in place. These would have to all come out and the ball leave the track. I'd think that it would lock up first rather than free wheel.

Here is what you'll find when you get into the box:


The track parts can't be seen as they are on the other side of the gear rack. (top center in pic)

I think that I would have to put my money on the column connection ...for whatever that is worth. :)
Also, the top nut that holds the center unit into the bearing ends, could be real lose/backed off, and the worm shaft is now not engaged with the gears?? a thought.. Yes you are very lucky my friend, that could have been the end... ride safe and check all the connections often... :)
I want to thank both you guys for the help. I built this car from the rails up and have never had any problem until now. And I never thought there would be a problem with the steering, but there you go, you just never know. Well this is tomorrows project, to tear into the box and see what I've got. I've checked the link to the input, it's OK, it's something inside. Again, Thanks for the advise and pictures. Hopefully I can post something good next time. Billy
We really like pics of buckets.:)
^^^^what he said

Welcome :)
In reply to putz... Let's see if I can load up a picture of my Bucket. Please hang with me if this does not work, I'm new here. I'm also going to try and sneak in a picture of my 33 coupe.
Nice rides :)
Helllo Flaming T Bucket, Welcome to the forum. Glad that things happened like they did, that could have gotten ugly fast. I'm also glad to see another member from N.C., I live well west of you, but most of my dad's side of the family and where I was born is not far from your neck of the woods. I'll have to agree that the adjustment nut and screw on the worm gear would be the first place to look, and any splined or slip fit connections in the steering would be second, could even be the steering shaft may have separated in the column if a press fit or weld came loose. Good luck and I hope it is something simple so your back on the road quickly, send me a message some time, love to talk hotrods and harleys, Eddie :cool:
P.S. Really like your cars, will have a coupe or sedan in the hopefully near future.
Glad you are OK that would not have been pretty. THX for posting the pics and good luck! Let us know the end result and keep on bucket'in :cool:
Nice pics looks like you loaded them first time some people have problem uploading pics. Nice rides.
Thanks to everyone for the kind words of concern. Things have gotten busy this week and I still have not torn into the steering problem, maybe this weekend. I did take the time to double check the fittings and the input shaft is turning. I have that little sideways motion in the pitman arm, but that's it. As soon as I get this thing fixed, I'll post my findings. Maybe I can help the next guy out that has this problem. On another note, I'll post some more pictures later of a few other projects I've got. Just finished a '58 Bugeye sprite, just started a '66 Mustang restore for my little girl and last but not least, a '68 Camaro (my Baby).
I'm back with the latest on my streering problem. I unbolted the steerting box and the output end did not move.The output shaft runs through the rail, it had broke inside the rail where I could not see it before. This thing is a mess, it's a wonder we did not get killed when this failed. I bought this used from a guy that I trusted. You just never know. Here are a few pictures. I might go back with a rack steering. Who knows right now.
It don't look right for sure! It looks like someone turned off the original splines on the Corvair sector shaft and shortened the threaded end. Then took another slightly bigger sector shaft and bored it to fit over the original and welded it up near the housing.

It looks like a hole near the start of the threads on the original shaft. It was probably pinned and that is what has been holding and finally sheared off as the weld has probably been broken for a long time. Lots of rust and no clean breaks at least as far as we can see in these photos.

The thread on the end of the added on shaft looks too small for the Corvair. They are 5/8"-18 and take a 15/16" wrench, if you want to check.

Mickey Mouse adaptions aren't restricted to just input shafts.
Almost looks like soneone connected the two parts together with a piece of thin tubing, and no welding of the real shafts at all, or even a center holding pin of any type... not good, better be checking all the rest of the chassis, and brakes for MM stuff... When a person can think that was OK there is a possability of other goofs... Ride safe,, God's Angels were lookin after You.. :lol:

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