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Hello everyone!


New Member
I am new to these forums so i thought i should introduce myself.

Hello everyone.
My name is Scott I'm 19 and I love T-buckets :).

The reason i've come to this forum is because i'm in search of a few questions. I have been wanting to order a kit from Total Performance and i have notice a few of you have a TP kit car. The only thing i am worried about i guess is the interrior of the bucket. I guess my prefrence is to sit low and back. So i guess my quesion is, Is the TP kit for me? I'm 5'7 and i have never sat in a tbucket mainly because No one in my area owns a Tbucket.

Thanks to anyone that can answer my questions.
Welcome Scott, Where are you at? We might be able to find someone close to you.
Welcome to the forum, Scott. The beauty of building a T-bucket is that you can do just about anything you want to make it fit YOU. You do not have to buy their interior insert. You can design and build it your way. Did you choose TP because it is close to where you live? There are several manufactures that build T kits and there are several members here who have examples of all of them. Spirit makes a fine kit as does Speedway, If you haven't done so already do a web search and find the sites for the different manufacturers and order their catalogs. From them you should get a good idea of what's available and be able to make your choice from there. The car I built (and sold) was from Speedway. It was not a "insert tab A into slot A' kit and required a lot of thought and perseverance to build. Other manufacturers make it a little easier for you. I am preparing to build another T and I've spoken with Spirit. From what I've read on this forum they have a lot of satisfied customers and in talking to them on the phone I feel they will be more than ready to help me with any questions I might have if I choose their products.

Members here have said that the people at TP are also very willing to assist you with any questions you might have. I haven't done much business with them but some of the components in my last car came from there. I was very satisfied with them.

The bottom line is, order the catalogs, research them to determine what your needs are and which company can best accomodate you and read the postings on this forum and ask questions. There are a bunch of very knowledgeable people here who can answer anything you can throw at them.


P.S. There are no dumb questions. Just stupid mistakes made because you didn't ask.
I have a 27 TP kit. Im in the process of fabricating the floors. I chopped the window frame and plan on sitting lower in the car, with a addition of a rumble seat I think its perfect!

welcome,my car is not a Tp car but i have an interior insert with the bucket seats built in an a removable seat insert.i am 6' 2" and i fit down in it pretty good.i don't know how TP's insert sit's but i think they offer one.
Welcome to the site Scott. You've already made two very good steps toward having your T. One coming here for information and two Posting your first question.

As der spieler says, catalogs can be a great source of in formation. I would also suggest you get on Speedways mailing list. That catalog also has some valuable tips along with good pricing.

Develope your own network of rodders in your area. Look for clubs and assoc. These guys have already done the leg work for you. They will know the best places for parts and services. That's also were you will find the best deals too. Labor trades are always a good way to get things done where you don't have the skills yet. Try to develope a skill that others can use, welding, fiberglass work, or wiring to name a couple. If someone is pulling an engine, volunteer to help. Be sure to show up if you offer to help. At 19, you have a lot of years ahead to really enjoy this hobby. You will make friends of a quality you will find nowhere else on the planet.

Thank you all for the welcome.

I live in port saint lucie florida.

My dad owns a welding and fabrication shop so welding for me isn't a problem I guess the problem i will be having is piecing everything together. I have skills in wiring ( i love to wire) and i can drop an engine in a car.

The reason i want to build a T-bucket is because I want a new Daily driver. There are alot of people that would be against driving a vehicle like that around everywhere but i believe something like that needs to be shown off and drove everywhere :).

I havent done much research on the T-bucket kits but i am looking to get as close to a rolling chassie as i can for the price.

I will take everyones advice that they offered and i will deff order some catalogs and ask many many questions here :D.

crossingts That is a very nice bucket, I like the flames on it.
signman thats a nice bucket

Thank you all again for being very nice. This is the only forum that i have ever encountered where everyone is very nice and helpful. Thanks again and nice to meet you all.
If the welding's no problem, give some thought to building your own frame. There are always compromises when you buy a pre-built chassis. There's a set of plans here that will walk you through the frame, front and rear suspensions. JMO

I've thought about building a tbucket frame. But i'd much rather purchase a kit.

Anyone know what i should purchase to sit very low and far back?
Scott32089 said:
I've thought about building a tbucket frame. But i'd much rather purchase a kit.

Anyone know what i should purchase to sit very low and far back?

Youngster,RPM,et can help you save a ton of money.Youngster builds frams to you requirements
If you buy a kit with a body that doesn't have a floor in it, like a Speedway kit, you can build it to sit as low and as far back as you want. I'm 5" 10" and I sat a little higher in mine than I would have liked but overall it was a comfortable ride. I built a Speedway body and put in a double layer of 3/4" plywood for the floor. I should have made my seat riser a little lower, a lesson learned for next time. TP and Spirit both make kits with interior inserts. There are several owners who own these kits here on the forum and they will be able to tell you more about how much modification can be made to them to make them comfortable and to your liking. As I said in my first post, most of these kits allow you to make the car just about anyway you want. You are pretty much only limited by your imagination. Study the catalogs, the postings here on the forum and ask questions. When you get your kit and get an idea for something you aren't sure about, take pictures to post here and describe what it is you want to do. There are years of knowledge and experience here. Someone will readily provide you with the answer or the direction you need to take.
The only problem you will have with the frame is if you want it long thats a custom buidl.Cause if you keep the stock kit frame your limited in where the body sits.To far back and the kick up comes thru the seat ares to far forward and no engine radiator cleasence.I sugest you talk to youngster rpm about the frame.
Thanks Steve and Rick for the information.

I've never sat inside of a t-bucket. But i know if i sit in one i would like it.

Does anyone feel like posting pictures of the inside of there rides?
The biggest problem with a pre-welded frame, IMO, is that they are built to accommodate any engine you might want to put in them. A SBC is shorter than a SBF but the frame from any company will work with both of them.They build these frames in a fixture. If you run a SBC, chances are your radiator is positioned further back in the frame than with a SBF. Small point I know but any excess wheelbase and the car starts to look like a dragster. Look at some of the early T's and you will see a balance that you don't often see today. Mainly because the frames were scratch built, not mass produced. A 4" excess is hard to hide behind the radiator. Again, JMO.

Don't know if it's the angle of the camera or what,But your body looks
really tall. Whats it measure from the bottom to top at the door area?

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