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I'm getting closer and closer to making my bucket a reality. Not really close, but I've been reading up more and more, researching which base vehicle I want and which company I'd like to deal with.

When I started looking around about 8 years ago, I grabbed a catalog and plans from T Performance and was thinking about going through them for parts and such, but that fell off the plate for a while.

Lately, I've been looking at other options and found that Spirit has more of what I'm looking for which is a C-Cab style bucket. Over the years while growing up, I fell in love with Tom Daniels' Paddy Wagon model and wanted to do something similar. While I know that I'm not going to be able to to a true reproduction, I did fall in love with the C-Cab look.

Hopefully once things settle down again, I'll start a build and take it slow. I'd like to make it a long term project to complete with my son that is 4 now, but I'd also like to involve my father that has always wanted to build a bucket but never had the funds to do it. My father raced cars in the 70's and early 80's so he's pretty well versed in the engine/drivetrain work, he's going to be a great source on information for me on that front.

Anywho, I'm going to be lurking for a while, trying to absorb all of the information that I can about these fun, awesome looking rides and hopefully I can start a build, if only by purchasing a chassis, inside of 2 years.
Welcome to the forum !!! You came to the right place. There is a wealth of info on this sight and with the people that have joined to it. Ask any questions you might have, someone on here has the answer.
Welcome to the forum Lordkaos, one of the things I love about this place is the vast amount of knowledge available to the membership.
first, welcome to this slap happy bunch of motor heads. you're gonna like it here. second, where is a set of frame plans here that would save you a ton of cash in your build. but i would advise you to get your body first so you can build the frame to suit the body. start networking in your area, best source for parts. you know we'll do everything we can to help and guide you also.

:D Join in and enjoy, who knows you may see a way to get started sooner - things seem to happen around here.
Todd said:
Welcome, here is a good read to keep the dream alive.
How To Build A Cheap Hot Rod
You might be able to find it cheaper elsewhere, but you could get a catalog at the same time.

I bought my copy at Amazon for about $16 but like Todd says, going to Speedway could score you a catalog too and the information in there is just about as good as the book and well worth the extra cost.
I recommend going to car shows getting pics and figure out what you really want.
If you could go to an event like Buckethead bash or T bucket nationals that would give you alot of people to talk to and compare side by side
c cab

Just got a mag called The rods of the world and they build a c cab looks great. I got it at Walgreens The rods of the world nov 08 Good Luck cworld03

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