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Hello from Dallas

Scott Dallas

New Member
Just got hooked up with the Forum and wanted to say hello. Finally went the bucket route years after wanting one ( watching 77 Sunset Strip and listening to Walk Don't Run). Went the Chevelle route a few years back that followed the 55 Chevy route, but now......I have arrived at hot rod heaven.

Got one from Michigan last summer- redid some things and loving it. The custom '64 Elky sits a lot now and the Harley sits period. Gave up on marriages so I have a lot of time to play with cars. Corporate lawyers arehappier with that decision

I'll get a picture of the T up sometime. Still working on it a lot -bigger rear tires. actually the biggest MT's which might have been a mistake. Shakes at 50. Primarily a TP car from late 80's is my guess.

Anyway, I have never enjoyed a car as much at this one. It and the Elky stays in the garage, the Beemer sits outside - I do have my priorities.

I'll watch the forum and jump in from time to time. Any T's around Dallas, I am in the north part and would love to hook up. Only thing cooler than a T on the road is 2 t's on the road...and so on.

But alas, it's winter and I am old so the T sleeps and the Elky comes out if I am in a hot rod mood.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Welcome Scott! Cars are alot less expensive than women. We love pictures and not just of T buckets. Jump in with both feet and enjoy the drama free T bucket forums.
Welcome to the forum. Cars are a thing that can be reasoned with and understood, Women - I am not saying anything - I will continue to stare straight ahead and give short concise answers. :hide:

Welcome! Lots of information on this site. Looking forward to the pictures!! A must!!:lol:
Welcome to the forum Scott, I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your T.
yo scott welcome ime from frankston tx hunnard miles from you but gt 63 should hollar at you. he is from n dallas somewhere,and pres of ntba... look up buckethead bash in arkansas and cruisin the coast in miss two fun ralleys to go to that yu drive around alot everyday instead of setting in a parking lot mike
WELCOME to the best site on the net!!!!!!!!!!!!
welcome to the site. you're going to love it here!!


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