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Hello from Gulfport, Mississippi


New Member
Hello everyone. I am also new to the forum and from the coast of Mississippi.

We have a tremendous 10 day event every year here called "Cruisin the Coast." It registers about 5,000 Hot Rods, Mods, Antiqiues and Classics each year and proably twice that attend each October.

For 12 years I attended the events, setup on the beach and took pictures.

The last day of last years event I decided I was going to buy one. But which one? I like them ll! I went through all the best pics that I had on my laptop screensaver. Guess what? I took the most pictures of T-buckets and open engine cars.

So I began searching the internet and came up with 10 1923 T-buckets that were for sale. Started calling them, first two were trailer queens and I wanted a driver.

Found my baby outside of Cleveland, OH.

After hours on the phone and many e-mails and pictures and a final price negotiation we were off.

My wife and I left after a high school football game at 11pm with a trailer behind our Jeep for Cleveland. Drove straight through and arrived at 8:30pm Saturday night. After a good night's sleep we arrived, inspected, test drove, visited and did the paperwork on our 23 Ford T-bucket.

We left Sunday morning at 8:30am and drove straight back arriving back home at 8:30am Monday morning.

It has been a blast and I'm very happy to find and join this forum.
Welcome Terry, nice bucket. :cool:
Welcome just making sure you must have read our unwritten rules about having to post pics.Nice looking bucket.
Terry, sp happy to have you join our merry little band of t bucket brothers. nice looking car. It's a big plus the misses enjoys it too. Now, would you be interested in some forum t-shirts? You could even get his and hers. just kidding ... but they are avalible from the forum store.

Welcome to the forum. Great looking car.

I agree the CTC is a great show! I hope I get to go this year now that my T is on the road. If the weather is good, a roadster of any kind would be the best way to enjoy this show. I mean, how can you beat cruisin' along a beach in a T.:D:):D

Have really warm weather for more people with less clothes lets stop there.
Terry Welcome to the site.

I may be in your area after the Nats in June. The wife and I are thinking about coming home that way. We live in NM and looking for a diffrent way home........................:D
Thanks to all for the kind words!

As we say down South. Ya'll Come to "Cruisin' the Coast" now yeah hear. The coast in October has awesome weather, knock on wood.

There are great events every day and night.

It reminds me of cruising back in the 1970's during great weekend events, as a teenager, just a ton of a lot better looking cars.

They also have over 30 drawings, for registered CTC cars, for $500.00. 1 drawing for, I beleive for $3500.00

Thanks again for the warm welcome.


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