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Hello from Michigan


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Hello, I have been a staunch chevy man for my entire 54 years. I have a 2001 SS Camaro with 6 speed, 12 bolt 4:10, LS1 with cam, heads, headers, cage in the car and it runs mid 11's. Today I was at a car show in Rochester Michigan and saw this 23 Ford T Bucket for sale. Well, I bought it. So now I've got to learn about it. It's in pretty good shape but I've never been one to just leave something as is so there are a few plans in store for it. And I'm sure I will have thousands of questions, so I hope you guys don't mind me bothering you with questions. Anyway, I look forward to getting information from you in the future.
Thanks, this is going to be a lot of fun. Seems to be quite of bit of support on this board. Looking forward to working with you guys.
Welcome to the site SSi25. Glad to have you join us. Let me warn you, Al's gonna ask for pictures. You got a lot of fun ahead of you.

SSi25... :welcome:

This is the best dang forum on the Internet, and glad ya found us... Now for the record, in the very very fine print when ya signed up, you will see that in the :rulz: It states you must post pictures of your ride... we are ether building them or looking at pictures of them!

Feel free to ask as many questions as you have, there are some extremely knowledgeable people here as you will discover! :D

Glad to have ya one board!

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