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Hello from Nebraska


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In the last couple of days since I found this T-Bucket Forum, it looks like the place to be for the kinds of cars I like. I don't have a T bucket at the present time. I've pretty much been a "tire kicker". When I go to rod runs it seems like I walk past most of whats there, but seem to spend most of the time around the T buckets and Lakes modifieds.
So far it sounds like being short may have it's advantages. That's me ha. Look forward to the forum.
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Looks like you are only about an hour and a half from Lincoln. Go down there and see Speedy Bill at Speedway Motors. They'll have all of the stuff to get you started on building a T-bucket of your own.
:D Well if you want to get into a T Bucket fast, try and find a used one for sale, people do get tired or BROKE at times, and you can usually buy one waaay cheaper than building complete from scratch, plus you are ready to drive on the street, (plates and all)after making changes and making it your own... You will be in the business of cruisin... Welcome from Calif. :)
welcome to the site. i'd say you have some homework to do. lots of info here.

Welcome :D
Your best bet is to buy your first prebuilt from someone else cheap then drive it for a while then you would know what is a mistake when building one.
Welcome to the site.
like putz said..try to find something someone quit on.
and like youngster said do your home work it will save time and MONEY
Thanks for recomendations guys. I agree with the idea purchasing an existing project etc. I've been looking at e-bay alot, are there any other places that you all would recommend?
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if you find one you like ... go see it ... take pic and post them with any questions you have ... these guys will give you an honest opinion. might keep you out of a big problem down the road. don't be in too big of a hurry with anything that dosen't look right. there are lots of unfinished projects out there. a lot of projects go on the block 'cause of a problem the builder dosen't want to deal with. find the one that's right for you and your skill level.

The reason I suggested driving down to Lincoln to visit Speedway was to see what they have and not to necessarily recommend them. Chances are very good that when you start your build or start modifying a project you will probably be buying a lot of bits and pieces from them. They have a good product line and since they bought Total Performance their choices will be growing. I would go to their website (Speedway Motors - Street Rod Parts, Race Parts, Ford Flathead Parts, Sprint and Midget Racing Parts, Pedal Car Parts) and request a free catalog. And while you are at it you might as well request a catalog from Spirit (Spirit T-Bucket Parts and Turn-Key TBucket Cars - Home - Spirit Industries)
I found ours on Craigs List, it was a Spirit build that the guy had it all done even titled, just could'nt get the create engine to start. Then he had some health issues and had to sell. I got the whole thing for less than what I could just buy a full stage 3 kit, less the motor and trany. I took everything back down to the frame and redid everything and found the flywheel was on backwards, the reason for not starting. I found some other things (minor) too, so i was glad I took it that far back down.

My point is, take your time, look around a lot, even sit in a few others if you can. I took more time by getting a abanded job, but I save a bit of money. Just have fun and make it safe, what ever route you take!
Thanks again guys for the info. I'm going to stay plugged into the forum and keeping my eyes and ears open.
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